There Is Nothing Like Rocket Dog Shoes

These days the world wide footwear industry is quickly becoming a larger and larger part of the fashion industry in terms of both the sales and the amount of mind space that it commands in the minds of people. The fashion footwear industry is quickly becoming the largest segment of the fashion world as a whole as compared to any other form of fashion accessory today.

The demand for high fashion shoes arises everyday as women’s salaries rise and the amount of disposable income that they have shoots upwards. An increasing awareness of the latest styles and design trends by watching celebrities or be reading fashion magazines can also be linked to the increasing demand for great new clothes and the skyrocketing interest and demand for designer shoes.

The shoe industry has also stepped up to the task of satisfying the demand for great shoes. Almost every clothing designer worth his or her designer label today also has a parallel line of shoes and footwear to go with their main clothing lines as they realise that not only is a line of foot wear an essential part of any great designer label, it is also a great complement to a clothing line. Designers today are also competing with each other to come up with new styles of fashion footwear to constantly fulfill the demand women have for innovative and never before seen styles of shoes.

There are tiny fashionable designer labels of footwear that have sprung up all around the world to explore new niches and to fulfill previously unfulfilled demand. One such brand of designer shoes comes from the west coast of the United States of America and is called Rocket Dog Shoes.

It was started by a couple of designer friends in the chilled out southern California area of the States nearly a decade and a half ago. There is much speculation about the origins of the name of this brand and it almost matches the giddy excitement for their crazy and funky shoes. The story goes that one of the designers had a dog called Max that would love to go to the beach and then tear about on the sand like something had possessed the cute little mutt.

The term of endearment that the two designers used for Max was Rocket Dog and when they were looking for name for the new line of eclectic and funky women’s shoes that they were starting together they decided to call it Rocket Dog Shoes. Today Rocket Dog is so popular that it has diversified into men’s and children’s shoes as well.

Shoe Storage: Tread Lightly

In 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released information which detailed how Americans spend their paychecks. The report suggests that on average we spend $1,880 in apparel, which includes shoes.

Frankly, that’s a lot of clothes and a lot of shoes. With the old adage “Clothes make the man,” we may be inclined to think twice about the way we dress from head to toe.

These days dress codes are becoming more casual and relaxed. That shouldn’t mean, however, that we head to the airport and board a plane wearing our flannel jammie pants. True story, I’ve seen it happen.

While it may no longer be a social nicety to wear a sharp hat, hose, and heels on a plane, dressing like you respect yourself should come back en Vogue. It really should.

Shoes that are scuffed, cracked, torn or stained need to be retired. Yes, your feet are at the bottom of your entire person but still people see them. With a simple shoe storage container (or twelve) you can store your shoes soles together to help avoid staining. And the lid will keep out dust and allow you to stack all your beautiful shoes for easy selection in the morning.

Other ways to care for your shoes include routine cleaning, something of a lost art it would seem. Use a clean damp cloth to remove surface debris from your shoes and soles. Then, after it dries, use a leather cleaner (if a leather shoe) or a spray detergent (if cloth) to loosen any set-in stains and freshen up the surface. Finish with a quick buff (again, if leather) and a shot of aerosol freshening spray and you’re ready to place your nearly-new shoes in a shoe storage container until next time.